"My "glow" became totally different at the age of 30 - I'm 32 now - I look totally different, I never have felt as perfect as now. I would do it again and again."


Zita’s success story (32 years old)

The story of my breast lift is really a success story. I will start from the very beginning...

I was never satisfied with my breasts, I had a terrible complex from a very young age, actually since my breasts began to develop. I never appeared to anyone without bra. In fact I had no problem with their size or I had no big problem with them other than the shape. Although the shape comes from the size as my breast are big and gravity was not so kind with them. Unfortunately they were hanging down quite a bit.

I always dreamed that I’d have enough money to have a breast augmentation. I was thinking about it almost every evening while showering. I was so shy even in front of my husband although he told me that I’m pretty. I was not satisfied with my appearance. We had 2 babies and my breasts hung more. Then I was afraid to wear a low-cut dress, there was no bra which could correct the spectacle. I was talking a lot with my husband and although he always ensured me that I’m beautiful-finally we decided to look at plastic Surgeons. Fortunately we had enough money for this procedure.

"Everything seems so natural with Bernadett."

Then came the  hard decision, as we heard a lot about operations that went wrong, resulting in the situation even becaming worse than before. This is not makeup which can be removed if it is bad. This is a definitive, lifelong decision. I looked on the internet because there was none of my friends had a similar operation.  I looked at a lot of websites, but I could not make a clear decision. Of course the price was also important.
Then I found Dr. Bernadett Lévay’s site. Immediately,  I liked that she is a woman and furthermore she answers personally, another person does not reply.
I called her to make an appointment. I was very excited. I think it is a hard situation for a woman with complexes to show her breasts and speak about their unpleasant hanging shape.

Everything seems so naturally with Bernadett. I went into the consultation and she immediately began to draw the new shape of my breasts. She explained the process of the operation, we agreed to a new appointment, and she ensured me that everything would be OK and that my breasts would be so nice. To tell the truth, before this meeting, I was so uncertain! but after it, I was sure about this operation!
I began to think about a bright future. Before the procedure, some exams had to be done, but I got a lot of help from Bernadett. If I had any questions, I could call her and if she couldn’t pick up the phone, she always called me back.

Finally the big day arrived… unfortunately, my husband had some urgent plans so he couldn’t be there with me, so I was left alone that day. It was not possible to change this date. It was a turning point in my life. My husband took me to the clinic and I entered both fearul and excited. The nurses were very kind with me, and they tried to reassure me. I had to fill some forms and I spoke with the anaesthesiologist,then Bernadett came. Her confidence and kindness were very calming. We spoke once more about the procedure and then prepared me to be taken to the operating room.

Once more, I have to emphasize the staff’s  kindness and care. In this vulnerable situation it was very important. I have 2 children - one of them was born naturally, but the other by cesarean, so I had previous experiences. In this situation everybody longs for some good words, and not to feel so defenseless. Returning to the topic of the actual operation, I don’t remember the details from the moment when I entered the operating room. I got the sleeping pill and I had to count backwards. After the operation, my first memory is that somebody tried to wake me up. I was asked about my name when not fully awake yet. Naturally, I don’t remember these things only my roommate told me, but allegedly I answered correct.   Later when I woke up, the nurse gave me the painkiller.
In fact, I had no great pains. I always got a new painkiller when the effect of the previous one wore off. Bernadett visited me many times. Upon awakening,I was already wearing the sport bra and I had been wrapped with bandages. Furthermore, small drains were hanging out of my breasts which could lead the liquid off. I always was accompanied to the toilet - they took care of me, came to my room many times to ask about my condition.

The next day, Bernadett came to me and let me go home. My husband and kids took me home. Hard days followed. It was not allowed to raise I had to rest a lot, I could only move very slowly. My husband helped me a lot. He gave aid and assisted in everything. Without him I could’t have made it through, or care for our children alone.

When at first I looked at my breasts, I had mixed feelings. At first I was happy to do it, but the same time I was afraid of the look of their final shape. Many times I turned to Bernadett with my doubts and problems and she always reassured me very kindly and ensured me that I’ll be satisfied with the final result. As time passed, the pain decreased, and the scars reduced-becoming beautiful. Still I had to wear the sport bra for a long time, but when it was not necessary anymore, I began to enjoy my life.

"My breasts became beautiful. It's incredible..."

It was such a marvellous feeling, unmentionable. My breasts became beautiful. It’s incredible… After, I could wear dresses which I never had before. My neckline became so nice that I could wear strapless or neck hanging dresses.
My operation was 1 and a half years ago when I was 30.
Now I can say that this was the best decision of my life. My aura became totally new - my husband tells me everyday that I’ve never been so beautiful before, although he always thought I was nice. In my life, only a few people knew about my operation, but almost everybody noticed I had changed,  A difference caused not directly my breasts,but they saw the changing in me.

I became more balanced and confident. At the age of 30 - I’m 32 now - I have been totally renewed.  I have never felt so good in my skin as I do now.  I’d do it again and again. If someone hesitates now, please read my story and I hope she’ll choose the operation, and she’ll be better with this decision. If she hates one part of her body, or she has complexes about it, please don’t hesitate because she has the possibility to change for a better life. I’m very happy to share my experiences with you about how I’m satisfied now. If I could help one women with my story, then it was worth it.

Dr. Bernadett Lévay is the best specialist I know. Tell the truth, it wouldn’t be sufficient alone, but I found an extremely kind outspoken human in her. If I would like another plastic surgery, it’s sure that I will choose her again.

Thank you Zita for sharing your story and your opinion with us!




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