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Breast surgery and abdominoplasty at the same time

A consultation always takes place before surgery. It includes a full description of the treatment and mentions the potential complications as well as answering individual/personal questions.
This description is necessary in order to be prepared for the personal meeting and to be informed about the most important points.

Mode of Anaesthetization:
general anesthetic
Period of operation:
2.5-4 hours
Estimated time of hospital care:
2 nights
Ability to return to workplace:
earliest after 2 weeks
Continuation of your ordinary lifestyle:
4-6 weeks
Completely return to the lifestyle led after operation:
removal of sutures after 10-14 days, maturation of the scar will end appr. 6 months - 1 year


The details of this combined procedure

It often occurs, that by the passage of time, the breast and abdomen loose its tight appearance because of weight changes and pregnancy . Women feel their body is not as "womenly" as their original shape.

In this case, because of weight gain and skin expanding, extra skin is formed too. This situation can be very annoying as this additional skin remains if one once again becomes thin. Unfortunately, the original tight shape of the breasts cannot be reached through diet and they usually loose their womenly form/shape. To improve one's health, it is very important to lose the extra weight, live an active, healthy, way of life, and reach a normal weight.

In some cases, the breast and abdomen appear unpleasant which can cause compications to one's the quality of life.

To treat this situation we offer our combined procedure when during one narcosis, we do both a breast surgery and an abdomen reconstruction. This combined surgery is the optimal solution for these problems because only one operation cannot reach a satisfactory result as the untreated part of the body impairs the overall image.

For these reasons most decide to also have the 2nd beautifying intervention but in this case, they have to undertake two operations, two narcosis, and two recovery periods. The combined procedure allows for one recovery period to improve the lives of our patients.

Furthermore, along with abdomiplasty you can choose either breast surgery, breast augmentation, lifting, or both. This operation can be performed on anyone who has been examined by an anesthesiologist and who doesn't have a serious disease.

The risk of complications is slightly higher in combined surgery but less than in two separate operations. At personal consultation the patient will be informed about every risk and potential complication and in the case of breast augmentation, we choose the right implant too. At the time, we explain the necessary examinations which are the same as those given for the separate operations.

Important notice: In the evening of the combined surgery we give an aniticoagulant injection and these injections are necessary for 3 weeks more at patient's home. The patients may choose to administer it herself by prior arrangement. Post operation control of pain relief begins in hospital and ends at home. After abdominoplasty, the drains will be removed within a week in hospital, during this period we are in continuous contact with the patient. Showering may occur after removal of drains. In order to speed recovery, wearing of abdominal support and sport-bra is recommended for 6 weeks. After the operation, physical exertion can increase gradually per instructions of surgeon.

Patients who have had this combined procedure reported the most intense pain is in the first 2-3 days post operation, with pain diminishing day by day. Approx. after 1 week patients reported returning to a complete life.

In the actual operation process, the first step is the breast surgery and the second is the abdominoplasty. In that case when the breast will be filled with the patient's own fat, then the liposuction will be first and thereafter the breast surgery when the breast will be filled by the fat and last will be the abdominplasty.

Further information about abdominoplasty, breast augmentation and breast lifting.


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