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Price list

The following prices are only informational and generally contain the full price of the surgery. The monitoring, hospital stay, stitch removal, narcosis or local aenesthesia are included. However, considerations of pricing are due in large part to the degree of surgery and complication factors.
The exact price will be fixed during your personal consultation.

Our services provide you the following opportunities:

  • Personal consultation and personalized information
  • Surgery using of the most advanced technology
  • Highest quality American implants (for Breast Surgery)
  • Local anesthesia or narcosis
  • Hospital stay during the surgery
  • Providing priority treatment of complications after the operation
  • Suture removal
  • Regular monitoring after the operation
  • Direct contact with our specialist
  • Continued support
  • Your resulting improved appearance, satisfaction, and happiness


The consultation costs 30.000 HUF and will be deducted from the surgery.


General informative pricing

Breast surgery for women
Prices in:
Breast augmentation  
Breast augmentation with highest quality implant
From $3 150
Breast augmentation using own fat
From $2 260
Change of PIP implant
From $2 540
Breast lift (local aenesthetic)
From $1 270
Breast lift (general aenesthetic)
From $1 750
Breast lift with highest quality implant
From $3 500
Breast reduction
From $1 820
Combined procedures  
Breast augmentation with highest quality implant and abdominoplasty
From $3 820
Breast lift and abdominoplasty
From $2 710
Breast augmentation with highest quality implant, lifting and abdominoplasty
From $4 140
Breast surgery for men
From $1 270
Full face lift
$1 660 - 1 970
Mini lift
$1 430 - 1 750
Eyelid surgery  
Lower eyelid surgery
From $480
Upper eyelid surgery
From $800
Upper and lower eyelid surgery
$1 110 - 1 340
Ear surgery
From $950
Nose surgery
$1 560 - 2 040
From $1 750
Mini abdominoplasty
From $1 110
Genital surgery
From $960
Liposuction in 2 areas
From $1 110
Liposuction in 4 or more areas
From $1 270
Lipofilling for wrinkles with 1ml hyaluronacid
Wrinkle filling promotion
From $250
Lip augmentation with 1ml hyaluronacid
Lip augmentation promotion
From $250
Scar correction
From $130
The necessary examinations can be done within a day in Hungary
From $100


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