Change of PIP Implant

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Important details about PIP:

1.  Which are the implants in question?

These implants are produced by Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) Company and filled with silicon gel in advance.


2. What's the problem with these implants?

Information has been collected that indicates that these implants often contain silicon gel which has varying quality that is below standard and does not always meet the required content.


3.  How do I know if the problem affects my implants? 

The details of your implant can be inspected in the documentation of the operation taken by the plastic surgeon or in the official documentation of the implant. If you lack these documents, we suggest you visit your doctor.


4. What can be done if I cannot contact the doctor who operated on me?

The hospital where your surgery occurred must keep records about your doctor.


5. What should I do, if I have questions regarding my PIP implants?

Please contact your plastic surgeon to order the necessary examinations and don't forget that women who have implants need continuous monitoring.


6.  How can my implants endanger my health?

These implants can have tearing and local inflammation but often don't produce easily noticeable complications!


7. Can these complications be serious?

Not usually, but if the implant is damaged or irritating in any way, it is important to change it.


8. What are the signs of a torn implant?

Usually there is not any specific sign, it only becomes apparent during medical examinations. For this reason, it is very important to have continuous monitoring.


9. Do I have to have the implant removed?

Based on the opinion of the experts, each case must be reviewed independently.


10. If the damaged implant was removed, could another one be implanted?

In most cases it is possible to insert a new implant. 


11. Where shall I apply for further information?

As a first step, consult your doctor or turn to the Medical Department of Health Authorization and Administrative Procedures Office - phone no: +36 302-50-60 e-mail address:!.


12. Which type of long-term medical monitoring is usually necessary?

Don't forget the continuous medical monitoring and suggested mammogram each year! 


If you have any other questions, please contact us. Our Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Bernadett Lévay will gladly assist you!



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