Breast Surgery for Women

As female breasts  are one of the key  organs which symbolize femininity, it is extremely important to be satisfied.
If your physical endowment doesn’t meet your expectations, and you are not satisfied, don’t resign yourself!
With the help of modern medical science, the shape and form of your breast(s) can be corrected.


Breast Enlargement and Changing of Implant

Breast plastic surgery is one of the most frequent which allows the shape and form of the breast to be corrected as the patient requests.

Breast enlargement can happen by use of implant or your own fat. It means that in the case of implant we place the best quality under the muscle or under the tissue or in another case under both of them (dual-plane technique). When we use your own fat, we  liposuction and then using a special method, we inject the fat around the tissue.

Breast augmentation in detail

Breast Implant guarantee programs

Change of PIP implants

Before and after photos about breast augmentation


Breast Reduction

Large breasts are not only an aesthetical problem, they often cause back-ache, hygienic problems and make everyday life difficult.

Plastic surgery could solve these problems because with it, the size of breast could be shaped to the requested largeness and your everyday life could improve.

Breast reduction in detail


Breast Lift

It’s a general problem that women’s breasts lose tension and slacken as they get older. The elasticity of the skin is decreasing and childbirth along with breast-feeding can cause significant changes. This altered breast may not be as aesthetic as you’d like so you are dissatisfied with it.

Losing the original shape is very irritating so you could have the possibility to change this through surgery. In the case of reduced tissue, we could put in an implant to meet your satisfaction.

Breast lifting in detail

Before and after photos about breast lifting



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