A consultation always takes place before surgery. It includes a full description of the treatment and mentions the potential complications as well as answering individual/personal questions.
This description is necessary in order to be prepared for the personal meeting and to be informed about the most important points.

Mode of Anaesthetization:
general anesthetic
Period of operation:
it depends on surgical site
Estimated time of hospital care:
1 day
Ability to return to workplace:
after 1 week
Continuation of your ordinary lifestyle:
after 2 weeks
Completely return to the lifestyle led after operation:
2-3 months


Reason of medical intervention

The term 'Fat' means the fat tissues that localize on one or more parts of the body. This fat surplus can be anywhere and can worsen the appearance and the aesthetics of the body.

Formation begins after the birth when the fat cells are able to create more and more new fat. This explains the development of an overweight body. These surplus fat deposits can be formed on the face, neck, arms, breasts, abdomen, body, inner and inner-outer side of the thighs or on the inner part of the knees.


The Operation

During surgery, we introduce a special tubular canal under the skin to the site of the fat tissue and a vacuum is used to suction the fat off. The small incision is closed with a fine suture, which is removed a week later. The operation performed under narcosis and the length of time depends on the size of surgical site and the thickness of fat.


Before surgery

As the operation will be done in narcosis, the following medical examinations are necessary: EKG, chest X-ray, laboratory test, and abdominal ultrasound. On the day of surgery, the patient has to stay one night in the hospital.

We can helpfully organize any necessary examinations.


Therapy after Operation, Medicines, Lifestyle, Monitoring

The patient must constantly wear a special compression suit after the surgery for 1 week. Within 24-48 hours after the operation, the patient can remove the cover dressing and can have a shower.

In the 1st-2nd weeks the operated area swells and sometimes haematomas are visible. We have to wait for the final result for approximately 2-3 months.

Further free examinations will be set during the consultation.

If after surgery, you feel fever, pain, hematoma or any other complaint please contact us immediately.


General and Special Risks of Operation, Possible Complications

We’ll inform you about all risks of anaesthesia during your personal consultation. In order to reduce surgical complications, we give antibiotic medicine and an injection (LMWH) before every operation to prevent thrombus during anaesthesia.

After the operation there might be surgical site swelling or there may be some loss of sensitivity.

You’ll get specific advice about your risks and possible complications from your personal doctor.


Next step

If you feel that liposuction will be your path to lose that unwanted burdensome unsightly fat, please contact our plastic surgeon. Your consultation doesn't oblige any commitment, so don't hesitate to contact us!



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