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Breast Augmentation

A consultation always takes place before surgery. It includes a full description of the treatment and mentions the potential complications as well as answering individual/personal questions.
This description is necessary in order to be prepared for the personal meeting and to be informed about the most important points.

Mode of Anaesthetization:
general anesthetic
Period of operation:
1-1.5 hours
Estimated time of hospital care:
1 night
Ability to return to workplace:
earliest after 1 week
Continuation of your ordinary lifestyle:
after 6 weeks
Completely return to the lifestyle led after operation:
removal of sutures after 10-14 days, maturation of the scar will end appr. 6 months - 1 year


Reason of medical intervention

Many women are dissatisfied with their appearance, their breasts differ from the average or have changed a lot compared to their original shape. They cannot live a complete life. This is a an undesired situation which causes a lot of different problems at the same time.

One issue is the lack of tissue, when the tissue is less developed it is called hypoplasia. Another case is when the breasts are rudimentary or after childbirth and feeding, they waste away – known as atrophy.

An assymetric breast is the when one breast is normal size and the other is significantly less - missing tissue (called amazon syndroma). Another case is when tissue and muscle are missing from one breast which is called Poland syndroma or finally if the breasts have not grown at all - called aplasia.

These symptoms can be caused by endogenous factors e.g. hormonal effects or genetic factors as well as exterior factors e.g. trauma, operation, radiation.

If the size of breast tissue doesn’t reach the accepted quantity it can cause a lot of problems for the patient in her every-day life or in her relationship and it can lead to an inferiority complex.

When the problem is caused by childbirth and weight changes, it might be solved with a breast enlargement operation where the location of areola (mammilla) and the size of tissue will be returned to the original size again.


The Operation

The Esthetic enlargement operation involves using an implant (as foreign material) or your own fat.

The purpose of surgery in the case of implant use is to fill the missing volume under the breast muscle or under the tissue. When altering both muscle and tissue, it’s called the dual-plane method. This method ensures the most natural shape. In the case of low-hanging breasts we offer the option of lift and implantation at the same time.

The type of surgical incision and solution depends on the current status of the breast. The operation will be performed using the most modern technical methods with the smallest incisions. These can be covered by plastic stitches under the skin which assure you of lined, hardly visible scars.

The operation is performed under narcosis and it takes approx. 1-1.5 hours. Sometimes drains(tube) will be inserted for 1 day for removal of  blood and other lymph.

When using your own fat (after liposuction) we inject it back into the breast. Because of absorption, the final result could be reached by a few treatments. You will be advised about the conditions at the consultation. This operation is performed by narcosis, it takes 1.5-2 hours.


Before surgery

Ultrasound examination of the breasts is needed before operation and those above 40 years old require mammography.

Prior to using anaestesia, the following medical examinations are necessary: EKG, chest X-ray, laboratory test. On the day of surgery, the patient has to stay one night in the hospital.

In the case of implantation, the patient will choose the form and size implant at the consultation.

We can helpfully organize any necessary examinations.


Therapy after Operation, Medicines, Lifestyle, Monitoring

After the implantation, the patient has to stay for 1 night in the hospital. On the second day of the operation the drain will be removed. By 24-48 hours after the operation the patient can remove the cover dressing and could have a shower.

The suture will be absorbed within a few months and the scars will fade and over 1-2 years they will almost become invisible.

In the first few weeks, the patient must constantly wear a sports-bra. Your doctor will inform you about term of recovery, the beginning date of sport activities and the period for which to wear the sport-bra.

Further free examinations will be set during the consultation.

If after surgery you have fever, pain, hematoma or any other complaint please contact us immediately.


General and Special Risks of Operation, Possible Complications

We’ll inform you about all risks of anaesthesia upon personal consultation. In order to reduce surgical complications, we give antibiotic medicine and an injection (LMWH) before every operation to prevent thrombus during anaesthesia.

Very rarely, in the case of implantation, there may be inflammation, postoperative bleeding, a problem with the wound healing, or the body my attempt to reject the implant. The surgical hospital has the ability to solve these problems.  Examination a few years later may reveal that a capsula around the implant in one or both breasts has developed. This can be listed as 4th degree. If the breast is feeling hard (it probably means 3rd, 4th degree) you are recommended to visit your doctor immediately.

Surgical incision scars depend mainly upon patients’ skin and genetic predisposition which makes the scar a normal thin line, or thickened (keloid), or expanded (hypertrophia).

The spontaneous leakage of implants is very rare, but in case of an accident or injury, this could require immediate change.  Common lifestyle activities, sports, high pressure (diving), low air pressure (flying), all won’t damage the implant. The sensation of the breasts remains but sometimes there might be damage to nerves causing the skin of the breast and around the areola to be desensitized.

Directly after the operation, one can feel strong, straining pain, but over 1-2 weeks it will decrease and finally come to an end. If the implantation was placed under the muscle, the movement of your arms can be limited because of initial pain and it takes a few weeks to abate.

In the case of own-fat implantation the frequency of complications are significantly reduced.

You’ll get specific advice about your risks and possible complications from your personal doctor.


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