Privacy Policy and Legal Statement

Please read the following text carefully, because the opening of each page of or the use of e-mail addresses found on this website have the obligation of the following Legal Statement and Data Saving principles.


Privacy policy principles

The website which offers surgical treatments, was formed so that the patient can get all current information that they need. To do so, often requires some of the patient's personal data. We appreciate that you give us this information in confidence. The protection of your data is of our highest professional priority, so we are careful to protect your confidential information.

  1. Spam

    Without your permission, we won't send you an e-mail.

  2. Which kind of information do we need?

    • Information you give us
      We use them for business relations, and offering sales. We get these data when you register, and these are: name, e-mail-address, date of birth, range of interests.

    • Information we collect automatically:
      During the use of our website, we also automatically collect information, its reason is to improve our services, our website, and to take statistics. To get certain details we use “cookies” to identify you when you return to our website (IP number of your computer, type of your operative system, moves in our website, searching.  These cookies cannot identify you! If you choose to prohibit the cookies, you can stop data collecting, but, the details previously collected are not possible to cancel. During your visit, you can get cookies from our website and from the  outside: Google Analytics (they are an independent operator). You can get more information about the handling of the statistical details:
      Google Analytics, Google privacy policy.
      The data fixed by web server can be automatically used for 30 days, later we store them as visiting statistics.

    • Personal data during personal consultation:
      This information will be only used for correspondence, improving services, and keeping internal statistics.
  3. Do we forward the collected data?

    We don't forward any details or information to a third party except for final judgement which means statutory obligation. The details may be forwarded only with your permission.

  4. Statutory directive

    Regarding creating data saving principles, the most important rules are 1992. LXIII Law (saving of personal details and publicity of public details) and 1998.VI. Law (defense of individual during data processing).

  5. Cancellation of data

    The unrequested details we monitor until your request to cancel or when automatically cancelled by unsubscribing.

  6. Appropriateness of information

    Regarding  data - we do not control the given personal data. The appropriateness of the given data shall be the responsibility of the person giving it. Any user upon giving his e-mail address takes the responsibility that only he uses the service from the given e-mail address.  Regarding this, the responsibility of all entering with one e-mail address shall be taken by the user who has registered that e-mail address.

  7. Personal information

    Regarding your handled personal data, you can request information at any time through email (). You can request correction and deletion from the database except for the data processing defined by the law.

  8. Changing of our data saving principles

    We reserve our right to unilaterally amend the present data processing regulation at any time. With the use of further services and website visits, the users acknowledge the amended rules, in addition to this the further approval is not needed.


Legal statement

Any further use of the written and other contents of the web pages of offering plastic surgery services can be done ONLY with our previous written approval and with the precise marking of the source. The names, expressions, logos, pictures, graphics, ideas, data, and information are protected by intellectual property law, for which illegal use breaches the law.

We do not take responsibility for the damages which may arise regarding the Web page, its usage, its unavailability, its inaccuracies, its improper operation, defects, system defects, viruses, or  changes made by any unauthorized person.

We cannot guarantee feedback within 24 hours in case of technical error or incorrect data.

This documentation on is only informational, therefore it does not propose to give answers to all questions regarding health procedures, diseases, or other issues. It specifically does not serve to replace consultations with doctors, other health care professionals, and their recommended treatments.


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