"even in my dreams, I didn't believe that I'd have such naturally beautiful breasts"


Mariann’s success story (27 years old)

No one is perfect and everybody could have a body part which she/he hates. Many people said that I have to confront my demons - to struggle with them and accept my own appearance.
My demons were my breasts. I felt that they werehuge heavy and ugly. Moreover, when I was young, I was teased because of them. Later nobody took me seriously, as my figure is very thin. Everybody believed that I was being fussy and silly. To avoid these problems, I always wore a turtleneck with a scarf. In fact, my breasts were not so ”huge” , but rather dissymetrically flat and long.
A young women doesn’t want to imagine herself ugly when she is nude.

"Then somebody comes who finally told me something else"

Everybody believed the operation was unnecessary, when I talked about it,they waved their hands and told this is not a big problem and I tried to believe it, but it was for me... Then somebody came  who told me the opposite and this was the missing impact . She said ”I had the solution”don’t hesitate, don’t deny myself. And then I realized I needed the change so much. I have to finish the constant sense of shame,the hiding, finally I would like to feel more like a woman. I would like to experience real intimacy - I would like to strip off in front of my husband.

I began to look for a plastic surgeon, I spoke with many of them, but as they were men, they tried to dissuade me from the operation and they didn’t understand my problem. Then I decided to look for a female plastic surgeon and I found Bernadett’s site. When we met, at first I was really in low spirits. I told her my story, and that I need the change. After a quick examination, she reassured me that the operation can be solved with only a lift, and without removing tissue. I could not believe my ears, that finally somebody could understand my big problem and that this was a reason that I couldn’t be happy. Furthermore, she offered to help me. At that moment, we spoke about the date and price of my operation because I knew that this was what I wanted.
When I left the consulting room, I was happier than I had felt for a long time.

I obtained the results of the required examinations and the operation date came. Everybody was very kind at the clinic, they told when and what I have to do and explained the process of the operation. I had been waiting for  it for so long that I went to the operating room calmly.

When I woke up, I knew that everything had happened perfectly and I didn’t need painkillers  may be due to my  of the gladness or  that I could tolarate pain well. After a few days of the operation, I relaxed a lot, and I saved myself so that I didn’t need any pills and I didn’t have pains. When I took off the bandages, at first the sight it was a little bit frightening, but I knew that this was normal, the skin looked lilac and wounded here and there but the resulting shape is beautiful.
I went to the control tests, the removal of sutures didn’t hurt, and finally I bought the first 38 size bikini of my life and I began to cry from joy in the dressing room. (Before the operation I wore 44 size)

"Furthermore, the operation had a side effect aspect for my health."

My operation was almost 2 years ago, the scars are hardly visible and my breasts reached their final shape (as Bernadett told earlier) - they are a little bit lower which looks perfectly natural. They are wonderful and there isn’t a day when I don’t think about Bernadett with her team and their professional work. Furthermore the operation had a ”side effect” aspect for my health. During the breast ultrasound exam it was revealed that if our family had breast cancer, I have to pay extra attention for it. Now I have a breast cancer examination every year.

In summary, I can say that my life has totally changed. I pay attention much more to my health, and I love my body, I try to eat healthy and 4 times a week I do some sports. I don’t have to be ashamed of myself, because the sports bra holds them easily (earlier I had to wear two). I’ve had an upward career since then and now I work as a top manager, while before the operation I was only a bookkeeper.
I often think that if I knew that this operation would make me so happy and be such an unbelievable experience, then I would have had it earlier. Whenever I undertake it again, and I know if after my pregnancy I have a similar kind of problem, I’ll have the surgery once more.

Bernadett was very kind and informal from the first moment. She saw that I’m suffering so much and she knows that this operation has a purpose. She informed me perfectly about everything, it was the reason why I wasn’t so nervous. She was very flexible and it was a great help for me. I could praise her work... even in my dreams, I didn’t believe that I’d have such naturally beautiful breasts.
I’m extremely grateful because I can tell without exaggerating that she totally changed my life and I’m thankful to her that I can feel like such a beautiful woman in my own skin.

Thank you Mariann for sharing your story and opinion with us!




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