Breast implant guarantee programs

Why will you get the best implant?

At present in our surgery we work with two of the most innovative product Mentor MemoryGel and AllerganNatrelle implants.
Only a few implants (from the implants produced all over the world which contain silicone gel ) got the recogniton of the strictest Quality Assurance Authority FDA (Food and Drug Administration – health authority of the USA) and the European CE (Conformité Européenne) Standard also.
The policy of FDA Quality Assurance requires that every phase of the manufacturing process be strictly controlled, guaranteeing the best quality and safe for the patients.
It contributes to get a better final result and a more carefree future.
During the consultations the best implant will be found to fit your need and situation.

The Allergan implants represent the widest range of sizes, for the Mentor products and the typical prominent warranty program. Current implant quality is backed by more than 25 years of Research and Development in case of Allergan implants and 20 years in the Mentor implants. As deserved market leaders, they always have to comply with strict quality controls, which allows the continuity of Research and Development.
After all it is not surprising that both manufacturers got the FDA qualification in 2006.
As both implants correspond to the most common criterion there is no relevant difference between their prices.


The main points of Allergan and Mentor manufacturer's warranty program

Allergan Natrelle

NatrellePLUSTM warranty program

In the case of a problem caused by the disrupted implant:

  • Product replacement warranty for lifetime
  • Max EUR 1000,- for the charges of surgical procedure and narcosis
  • Free size changes
  • Free replacement of the opposite side

Mentor MemoryGel

Mentor PatientCare Promise warranty program

In the case of approved disruption which comes about:

  • Product replacement warranty for lifetime
  • Max EUR 1000,- financial support

Within 10 years from the date of implantation in the case of capsular contracture (Baker III,IV) augmentation surgery:

  • Free replacement for the same or similar product

Since drLBeauty plastic surgery's establishment there has never been a complaint about the implants of these two manufacturers, so in the best interest of the health of our patients, we insist on using these products.
After the procedure, the 1st monitoring check-up comes after the first month, the 2nd monitoring check-up occurs after the third month, and the 3rd will be after the sixth month. Thereafter, we meet our patients regularly every half a year.

The description of the warranty is not complete, so don't hesitate to ask our specialist for details!



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