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Lip Augmentation

A consultation always takes place before surgery. It includes a full description of the treatment and mentions the potential complications as well as answering individual/personal questions.
This description is necessary in order to be prepared for the personal meeting and to be informed about the most important points.

Mode of Anaesthetization:
local anesthetic
Period of operation:
0.5 - 1 hour
Estimated time of hospital care:
not necessary
Ability to return to workplace:
a few days
Continuation of your ordinary lifestyle:
a few days
Completely return to the lifestyle led after operation:
a few days


Reason of medical intervention

Enlargement of thin lips returns the natural beauty of the face, so the quality of life has changed for the better.


The Operation

The surgery is performed under local aenesthesia. The upper layers of the lips will be filled with hyaluronic acid by injections where it will be slowly absorbed. It is a substance which can be naturally found in our skin. Overtime, this process has to be repeated. The frequency of the repeated treatment depends on the patient’s personal genetic predisposition which will be clear only during the process.



Before surgery

No special preparation is necessary.


Therapy after Operation, Medicines, Lifestyle, Monitoring

Directly after the operation the patient has to take care of her lips.

Further dates of (free) controls will be fixed on the consultation.

After the operation if you feel fever, pain, hematoma or any other complaint please immediately contact us.


General and Special Risks of Operation, Possible Complications

After the operation there may be swelling and redness.

During your personal consultation, we’ll inform you about all risks and complications.


Next step

If you'd like to have the full plump lips that raise your image and catch men's approval, please make an appointment with our plastic surgeon Dr. Bernadett Lévay to review your possibilities! Your consultation doesn't oblige any commitment, so don't hesitate to contact us!



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